Art & Design/Industrial Tech (Grades: 7)

Seventh graders get two for one in this yearlong combo course! This exploratory program introduces students to one semester of Art & Design and one semester of Engineering & Industrial Technology. In the Art & Design class, students will develop their creativity and literacy skills by analyzing and critiquing art. Fundamental drawing, painting, and design techniques will be explored as they learn elements and principles of art and design. In the Engineering & Industrial Technology class, students will learn the proper and safe use of a variety of hand tools, technology, power tools and machines through an exploration of learning modules. Module stations include Laser Engraving, Computer Programming, Research and Design, Plastics Technology, Woodworking, Electronic Wiring, Computer Aided Drafting, Pewter Smithing, Bridge Design & Construction.


Yearbook Production (Grades: 7-8)

This class is responsible for the planning, preparation and publishing of the school yearbook, under guidance of an advisor. Students plan layouts and graphics, take and print the photographs, write all copy, captions and headlines, and manage book and ad sales. Work is created using industry standard machines and software. This hands-on, project-based course is at the heart of Common Core ideology.

Visual Art 1 (8th grade)

Do you want to learn how to draw, paint, and design? Well then, VISUAL ART 1 is the class for you! This yearlong fundamental art class for 7th and 8th grade students introduces art theory and practice, elements of art, and principles of design as you produce a variety of two and three dimensional art forms and media such as drawing, painting, graphic design, and printmaking, as well as an introduction to art history, art appreciation from many different cultures and time periods.. Students will explore and develop their personal creativity, problem solving skills and confidence as they learn about art.



Art Teacher
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