Social Studies

SOCIAL STUDIES 7: The focus of study for seventh grade Social Studies classes is world history during the middle ages (500- 1500 C.E.). This course includes an examination of history, geography, social, political, cultural, and technological changes throughout Europe, China, Japan, West Africa, and the Americas. The social studies curriculum incorporates components of the Common Core such as inquiry, critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, and connections to students daily lives. Through the study of history students will improve critical reading, writing, and communication skills. 

SOCIAL STUDIES 8: This course of study, as aligned with the Common Core State Standards, begins with an intensive review of the major ideas, issues, and events preceding the founding of the nation and ends with a study of the social, political & economic issues in America post-Civil War. Students will concentrate on the critical events and major themes during this time period. The units taught include: Exploration & Colonization; Colonial America; American Revolutionary War Era; The Constitution of the United States; The Early Republic; Manifest Destiny & Westward Expansion; The Reform Era; Civil War Era; and Reconstruction. This course focuses on such skills as analysis of primary documents, evaluation and synthesis of multiple sources, identifying multiple and varied perspectives throughout our units of study, and proving historical concepts verbally and through written expression by using evidence from texts. 


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Social Studies 7th Grade 
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