PIQE- Parental Institute for Quality Education

La Cumbre is proud to host the PIQE in February and March.

Parent Engagement Education ProgramPIQE’s signature program is the Parent Engagement Education Program.
True to the organization’s mission, the program educates parents on how to foster a positive educational environment for their children both at home and at school.The program, which lasts nine weeks, is free to parents. Parents who participate learn how to create a positive and lasting educational environment at home using a number of proven academic success tools: dedicating a home study location and time of day for homework; creating ongoing dialog with their kids’ surrounding their academic successes and challenges; discussing children’s college expectations; and more.

Creating a bridge between home and school is also emphasized. Parents learn about how grades are used for college admittance; what classes are important and needed for children planning to attend college; how to navigate the school system, and other information vital to academic success of their children.Classes are taught in one of 16 different languages by professional PIQE facilitators, who are members of the communities they serve. The class series culminates in a parent group meeting with the school principal, followed by a PIQE graduation ceremony. Parent graduation is a celebration that is typically very powerful to parents who may not have a formal education, and an opportunity for children to see their parents as graduates themselves.Since the program’s inception in 1987, more than 475,000 parents have graduated from PIQE’s programs.

Significant research studies show that PIQE increases children’s academic success.

Parent Engagement Education Program